Parker Molloy: Her history and her involvement in transgender rights movements

Parker Marie Molloy is an American writer and blogger by profession. She has been actively involved in the transgender rights movements globally. Since her days as an editor at ‘’, she has devoted herself to issues revolving around transgender policies. She has several other publications under her name as well.

Facts to be known about Parker Molloy:

Her birth name is Cad Molloy.
She was born on April 24th, 1986.
She came out of the closet in 2013 after years of struggle.
Parker Molloy a degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management.
She even worked for Chicago-based musician Andrew Bird for a sort while.
She was even mentioned in the Trans 100 list comprising of the 100 most influential and active transgenders in 2014.

Childhood and Early Life of Parker Molly:

Born in Manhattan, Illinois, Molloy has always been interested in the direction of media management. She went to Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois for a while before migrating to Columbia College in Chicago. She graduated in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management. She had been a prolific writer even during college involving herself in various events and even interning at Pitchfork Media.

Starting off her career as a team member for the singer Andrew Bird, she quickly proved her worth and bagged a job at a Chicago-based job agency. In 2013, admitted to being transgender to her colleagues. Since then, she has dedicated many blogs, magazines, and articles to the transgender community advocating their adversities and politics played on them.

Leading a controversial life:

Parker Molloy has been the headline of news several times since 2014. She came under the limelight in 2014 when an article written by her against RuPaul and his usage of transphobic words in his show. She received severe backlash for this from transgender activists. She was supported by many transgenders and was even given a signed letter by 350 transgenders demonstrating their support to her.

She was again in the news later as her derogatory remarks towards a fellow transgender ignited a spark again against her.

Although her actual net worth is unknown, it is rumored that she is worth around $1 – $5 million owing to her prolific writing career.

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