How did Robert Conrad die? What was the net worth of Robert Conrad at the time of his death?

Robert Conrad was an American actor and singer. Robert Conrad left this world last year on 8th February 2020 due to the failure of the heart. Robert Conrad has appeared in many film and television shows but is well-known for his role in the television series The Wild Wild West. In spite of being an excellent actor, Robert Conrad was a singer and recorded various pop and rock songs between 1950 to 1960. Robert Conrad was recognized internationally after his television series Mission: Impossible.

Some Quick Facts about Robert Conrad:

DOB- 1st March, 1935
Nationality- American
Famous as- Actor
Parents- Leonard Henry Falkowski, Jackie Smith
Cause of Death- Heart Failure
Debut- Mission Impossible
Spouse- Joan Kenley (1952-1977), LaVelda Fann (1983-2010)
Net worth- $ 10 million (during his time of death)

Childhood and Early Life of Robert Conrad :

Robert Conrad was born on 1st /march, 1935 in Chicago, USA. Robert was born to Leonard Henry Falkowski and Jackie Smith. Robert Conrad graduated from Northwestern University in Theatre Arts. Robert Conrad also sang and practiced vocals from Dick Marx. Robert also used to work at the age of 15 for pocket money. Robert Conrad pursued an acting career and worked in Chicago theatre during his initial acting career.

About Robert Conrad’s Career Life:

Robert Conrad started his acting career with Nick Adams in Juvenile Jungle. Robert Conrad was internationally acclaimed for his debut role in Mission: Impossible. Robert Conrad has appeared in many films including: Thundering Jets, Paratroop Command, Red Nightmare, Palm Springs Weekend, Young Dillinger, The Bandits, Murph the Surf, Sudden Death, Wrong is Right, Jingle All the Way and many more. Robert Conrad has also worked in several television shows: Bat Masterson, Maverick, Highway Patrol, Hawaiian Eye, The Gallant Men, The Wild Wild West, Five Desperate Women, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Anything to Survive and many more.

About Robert Conrad’s Personal Life:

Robert Conrad and Joan Kenlay got married in the year 1952. Robert and Joan had 5 children. But in 1977, Robert and Joan got divorced. Later in the same year, Robert met LaVelda Fann, who was Miss National Teenager Pageant. Later in 1983, Robert and LaVelda got married and had 3 children. Robert and LaVelda got separated in 2010. Due to his high drinking habits was sentenced to house confinement for six months. Robert indeed went for alcohol counselling. Robert Conrad took his last breath at the age of 84 in Malibu, California and his cause of death has been remarked as heart failure. Robert passed away on 8th February, 2020.

Net Worth of Robert Conrad:

The net worth of Robert Conrad during his time of death was $ 10 million. Robert Conrad accumulated the amount from his acting career and television shows. Robert also had endorsement deals and was also a part of many health and helping campaigns.

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