The new 2019 Apple iPad: 6th-gen iPad in a brand new iPad Air body


The iPad line-up by the Cupertino tech giant has become quite like a flux, lately. In the year 2019, Apple decided to modernize the two distinctive sizes of the iPad Pro. Additionally, the Cupertino tech giant did also introduce an entirely new iPad Air and put it into the chassis of the previous model of iPad Pro.

Moreover, this is how the all-new iPad Mini came into being; however, it didn’t sport much modern hardware like the older siblings. Nevertheless, the most excellent news is that the size of the screen of the new iPad is bigger, i.e., 10.2 inches. By the looks of it, this was possible with the introduction of the massive bezel reduction, along with several other tweaks. Another significant change that Apple did to the 2019 iPad is that the addition of the robust Smart Keyboard.

According to the Cupertino based tech giant, the new 10.2-inch 2019 iPad can use the similar Smart Keyboard connector. However, the downside is that the new iPad has a starting price of $329 and the Smart Keyboard, on the other hand, costs around $159.

The new iPad feels precisely the same as the 2019 Apple iPad Air. However, there is a significant difference in a certain way. The iPad Air has a screen size of around 10.5 inches, whereas the new 2019 iPad is 0.3 inches shorter. In terms of processing power, the 2019 Apple iPad Air has A10 SoC which is almost outdated. Nevertheless, the iPad is powerful enough for conventional work.

It would be great to see how the new 2019 iPad does business given that it is underpowered.


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