Apple is turning into a camera eccentric company


The Cupertino tech giant has finally launched the three distinctive models of the iPhone 11 this in the previous week. By the looks of it, the people across the world are hooked with what Apple is providing them.

The new iPhone will also send text messages, make video calls and download apps like the previous iPhone models. Nevertheless, the only thing that makes the iPhone 11 series a distinctive smartphone series is due to its robust camera. Apple finally takes the battle to Google’s Pixel 3XL with the new cameras. Some of the experts are also suggesting that Apple has curated a very powerful photography machine.

The entirety of iPhone 11 is a sign that Apple is going to make several massive improvements in the iPhone in the future. Apple wants to regain its place as the undisputed smartphone maker. However, the competition from Pixel Devices, Huawei, and Samsung compelled Apple to step up in the game.

During the fall September 10 event Apple took 13 minutes from the 100-minute press conference. So that it can distinguish itself from the significant rivals. Some of the smartphones have a competitive angle or are also better than iPhone 11, according to some of the notable smartphone industry analysts.


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