New rumors arise about Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney after got spotted near NYC marriage bureau


In the recent development, on Monday, actress Jennifer Lawrence and her art gallery director and fiancé Cooke Maroney had been seen to come out from New York City marriage bureau. In the photos that all have gone viral after getting published shows that Lawrence wore a large blazer of a gray color. In the meanwhile, Maroney had gone for a sweatshirt and blue slacks.

With all these happenings in a big and fast way, all her fans are now growing impatient and trying to know about the truth about this. Some fans tweeted about it by saying that there may be a courthouse marriage. The real reason why all this is happening is Jennifer is known to keep all her things in a low-profile.

The image that is obtained by The Post is said to be covering his ring finger with the left hand. Earlier in February, J Law and Maroney had got engaged. It is too learned that the pair had admitted to throwing a big wedding party due next month.

She too admitted that, when all these things are happening with her, she was broke down in tears as she did not expect this all. Moreover, she had to throw a bachelorette party for her friends at the very last minute and for that many of her friends can’t make it here.

With all this in the fray, still, there is no word from this lovely couple about all this marriage rumor.


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