Second Interstellar Object was discovered by a young Astronomer


According to the Minor Planet Center, it was announced that an amateur astronomer had discovered the second known interstellar object till now. But till now it is not confirmed by any agency as other astronomers are now started to research on it.

A young amateur astronomer named Gennady Borisov has said to have discovered this object. The name of the object is Comet C/2019 Q4 and the discovery was made on 30th August 2019. After the discovery got published, you can see that other astronomers had taken up the follow-up observations. The object is said to be the hyperbolic orbit and it was traveling with great velocity as well.

The track at which the object is trying to escape from the solar system shows that it is not of this solar system.  This discovery was made by amateur astronomer when he was looking close to the sun. the area near the sun is not clear as it is consist of bright light but from the tail of the object, it is now clear it is a comet.

As per Davide Farnocchia, who is an astrologer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement that, these observations that are talking about was observed close to the Sun. For that reason, now all are waiting for the comet to move away from the sun so it can be observed in a detailed manner. He added by saying that, it will take some more days to confirm about this object. The color of the object is very red as per an astronomer of the University of Maryland, Mike Kelley.


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