CubeSat may get launch next year and will test lunar space station orbit, NASA says


After it is ordered by US President Donald Trump to prepare for a human trip back to the moon by 2024. Now, NASA said that it was nearing to complete an orbiting space station which will be known as the Lunar Gateway to the world.

With all these announcements coming up,  apart from that all, NASA now has announced that the agency is now developing the mission with Advance Space.  The main aim of the mission by both the agency is to develop a small and advanced CubeSat for this mission.

The name that the CubeSat has got was from CAPSTONE and it is like a small satellite. The satellite will be moving in the same orbit path that the proposed Gateway will be taking. If all these missions will get success then at the end it will bring the moon close to the Earth by 1000 miles.

According to the CEO of Advance Space, Bradley Cheetham said that CAPSTONE is a small package with a lot of advanced features in it.

As of now, CAPSTONE may get launch in the coming December 2020 and after that, it will start to demonstrate about how to enter and operate there in the lunar orbit. It will too test all the navigation technologies that will be used in future mission.


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