The biggest volcano on Jupiter moon Io may erupt at any moment now


Jupiter’s biggest volcano which is located in one of its moon named as Io is now on verge of getting explode.  As per the data, that are collected by the researchers for many years show that this volcano will explode in the mid-September which is now time already.

This big volcano is named as Loki and it was discovered to have got 540 days of the cycle.  All these observations were said to be started between 1988 and 2000. In the year 2002, this discovery was published in the paper which was led by the physicist as well as planetary scientist Julie Rathbun of Planetary Science Institute.

When the volcano will start, then you can see that Loki will get brighter and it will remain bright for nearly 230 days and it will then fall dark. In the year 2013, Loki had erupted but that time it was a 475 days cycle instead of 540 days.

As per Rathbun, she said that if the behavior of the volcano stays like it was, then it will be getting erupted any day of September.  She along with her team has interpreted Loki as the lake of lava in the crater-like depression which is termed as Patera. All these observations were supported by a report in the year 2017 which saw many waves of lava that flows slowly as well as across the patera and it will take nearly 230 days.


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