Katy Perry and Taylor Swift now amend with each other


In the recent statement from Katy Perry, it is now been considered that you can really go over the bad blood that she used to have with Taylor Swift. All these things are been discussed when she had dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show which was held on Wednesday on 17th of September.

It was seen that Perry had gone for a gift which is a symbolic vine that exists ahead of Swift’s reputation Tour Last May. All these things are said to be led to have a talk once again.   When they both started to see each other, then they probably think now that they got many things in common.

Not only this, Perry’s relation with Swift shows that how good is it to be when you get to reconnect with the old friend for the own sake. It is like a mature thing and it will surely be a good example for all of her young fans who all have turned against each other during Perry and Swift trouble days.

At the end of the interview,  Perry ended it by talking about the relationship with Orlando Bloom and how he changed her life. She said that he encourages her in a great manner and help her a lot to fight negativity in her life.


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