Doubts hovering over NASA’s 2024 moon landing mission


According to a top manager from NASA, said in a statement on Wednesday that there is some sort of doubts on NASA to land astronauts on the moon by the year 2024.

As per Kenneth Bowersox, who is the associate acting administrator for all human exploration as well as other operations said in Congressional Subcommittee that NASA is now working hard to achieve everything with the given timeline.  The timeline which was earlier been given to NASA by the president of US Donald Trump is 2024.

Bowersox was a former space and shuttler station commander said that it looks very good when you see the hard-working of NASA to achieve it by 2024. But with this all, there also arises many additional things which are like technical issues and funding issues when you work for a short period of time.

When US Representative Bill Posey asks NASA about the development, they said that it is important that the launch that they are planning must go as per plan. It is a complicated process and it must be success and to get success it must be done in the right way. So, they can’t fix a date for it but they are trying hard to do within the given time.


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