Apple crosses 1 trillion benchmarks again, growing over 43% this year


Yesterday, Apple stock crossed 230 USD share price. The market capitalization reached a record number of 1.04 trillion. The strong performance of the iPhone 11 series is responsible for the increased number. Apple was the first company to reach the one trillion barriers.

Apple has shown an impressive growth rate of 43% from the starting of this year. 2019 is a year to remember for Apple. As the company started focusing more on services and launched Apple TV plus and Arcade. Both were critically acclaimed and expected to perform well in the near future.

iPhone XR became the highest selling smartphone in the first half of 2019, across the globe. The iPhone XR sold 27 million units followed by Samsung S-10 with less than half the unit of iPhone XR sells.

The iPhone 11 is showing a strong performance after the launch. Apple usually records low sales during this period of the year. But, to everyone’s surprise, Apple increased the production of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro by 10%. The higher-end variant iPhone 11 Pro Max production increased by a smaller number.

While the world economy is going through a rough patch, the performance of a luxury brand like Apple is truly impressive.


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