The recent power outages show the growing economic disparity in California


California often termed as the most developed land on the planet earth. The GDP of California stands at $3 trillion, which is more than every country in the European region, except Germany. The recent power outages in California indicated a growing economic disparity between the poor and the rich.

The power outages affected around 2 million people in the region. During that period, the sell of the portable generator, batteries, and solar panels increased significantly. But many families who could not afford to buy any of them owing to the financial inability.

People living in the bay area of San Francisco are currently facing the heat of the upcoming recession. As both the manufacturing and service sector is going down, the condition of primary workers is miserable. Most of the service-based companies started cutting jobs owing to the ongoing slow down.

According to a report by Tipping Point, around 1.7 million people don’t have the resources to fulfill their basic needs. That is the only reason why most could not afford any generators or solar panels during the outages period.

Sunrun, a solar panel company in the state, claimed that the solar panel sells increased by 1550% during the blackout period.


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