Study Confirmed 95% of the USA Baby food Contains Toxic Materials


A recent study confirmed that 95% of the baby foods contain toxic metals in the United States. The research took 168 the United States manufactured baby food for the examination. The researchers found that 73% of them contained arsenic, 95% had lead, 75% of them carried Cadmium, and 32% had mercury. All these materials are toxic in nature and potentially affect the health of the baby.

The report named Healthy Babies Bright Future released last Thursday and it emphasized on removing toxic metals from baby food. The report claimed that these baby food would harm the development of the brain.

In 2004, a study found that heavy arsenic in drinking water caused a decrease in IQ for teens aged between 5 to 15 in Bangladesh. The report warned that the same could happen in the United States if no measure is taken.

The most worrying point is about 25% of the total baby food contains all the four toxic metals. The result of the report is confirming the study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration. The study previously found the same four metals in 33 out of 39 baby foods.

Health Department yet to respond to the report.


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