Trump asked to disqualify Amazon from JEDI project: A book claimed


Recently, Microsoft acquired the highly controversial Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) from Pentagon. Most of the industry experts predicted a one-sided victory for Amazon, but to everyone’s surprise Microsoft won the bid. The majority of people think President Donald Trump has a big role in the exclusion of Amazon. Recently, Trump unsubscribed Jeff Bezos’s newspaper, The Washington Post, owing to the heavy criticism of Republicans.

A recent report claimed that President Trump asked James Mattis, then secretary of Defense, to throw out Amazon from the bidding. The development is big, as industry experts already predicting political interference in the deal. The news broke by an upcoming book based on James Mattis. The book is authored by Guy Snodgrass, who used to work as a speechwriter for James Mattis.

The book also revealed that Mattis responded negatively to Trump’s remark. The deal will work out legally and ethically, he added. The White House and Department of Defense have not remarked on the issue yet. Both Microsoft and Amazon were not available for any comments on the development.

JEDI is a huge contract worth 10 billion USD. It is capable of changing market dynamics. And, nobody will surprise if the market share of Azure will cross the market share of AWS, shortly.


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