Top United Autoworkers officers now facing embezzlement charges.


In the recent development, it was seen that a high ranked United Autoworkers were now officially facing charges of embezzlement and fraud. As per the prosecutors, it said that many top union officials now conspired to steal nearly more than $1.5 million from the union.

All the prosecutors had outlined the charges, and it is against the Edward N. Robinson, who is done in a filing on Thursday. In the Federal district court in Detroit and as per President Robinson of UAW council present in Missouri.

As per the filling, it is being said that Robinson, along with the six other top UAW officials, is now conspired, and all this was happening since the year 2010. It is said to embezzle the funds, and all is done through the schemes and is submitting the false vouchers for the conference expenses.

A spokesman of UAW said that the union now takes any allegation of misuse of union funds in a cruel way. But he did not address the prosecutor’s allegations nor even mentioned any Jones in the statement.

Jones was said to be not charged with wrongdoing by any court or union even.


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