Android Phones to receive tracking updates of COVID-19 through Google Play


Google has verified to update Android phones with the forthcoming COVID-19 contact trace structure using Google Play Services support in collaboration with Apple. It will make sure that most of the Android phones will indeed receive the updates. And, to make certain that it should be accessible on phones working Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher version.

This was an open query until today, however, a very crucial for Google to answer. Because Google Play is the sole dependable structure that remains for obtaining software updates to move out on Android phones in an appropriate way. The additional way is ample operating system update that is generally exempt with hold-up from both bearers and creators.

Google conveys that its update structure will cover both aspects of the Bluetooth associate tracing structure. The initial stage with API launches due for next month, and later stage, where it can be seen along with APIs built-in with OS.

The phones such as Huawei and other Android phones from china that have restrictions by the US cannot avail this benefit. This is the reason Google arrange to circulate a scheme that those companies can use to clone the shield, unidentified tracking system established by both Google and Apple.


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