You can now download Fortnite from Google Play Store


Earlier, the Fortnite developer Epic Games avoiding to get into Google Play Store. But now it seems that the table has turned for the company.  On Tuesday, the Studio has released its most successful game Fortnite in the Google Play Store.

With such a step from the Epic Games, now the Android users can easily visit the Google Play Store and can download the game from there. It is the best battle royal game for the gamers. With this now, a user doesn’t have to go for downloading any of the EPIC software or bypassing the Samsung Software.

In a statement from Epic Game developers, they state that Google was bullying them all. Google doesn’t offer any titles via its store and overall provide a 30 percent purchases.   Apart from that all, the company too repetitively brings pop-ups for the non-play store titles.  So, for these things, now the company is dealing with it and decides to go through Google Play  Store.

Furthermore, the company to ask Google to reconsider its policies so that it will benefit developers.  By that, they all can compete in the right way and having good incentives from Google in Payments and availing other services.


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