Today in Southern California, Newsom, Elder, and Jenner Attend Campaign Events

The recall election for Governor of California is less than a week away, with Governor Gavin Newsom and opponents Larry Elder and Caitlyn Jenner holding campaign events in Southern California on Monday.

Jenner holds first town hall as GOP recall hopefuls court Southern  California voters - Los Angeles Times

Newsom’s campaign has come to a halt in Los Angeles ahead of a Wednesday event in Northern California. Vice President Kamala Harris joins them there. On Monday, the elder, a conservative talk radio presenter, called a halt to the campaign in Castaic and Thousand Oaks. He was a top recall candidate, and he was critical of California’s school system, criminal justice system, and, most notably, Newsom’s approach to pandemics.


The elder said on Monday that “This man, Gavin Newsom, closed the state, ignoring science. At the French Laundry restaurant, with the very people who drafted the orders he didn’t obey.”


However, a new debate rages over the elders. The elder remarked of slave owners in a return visit at Prager University’s “Candace Owens Show” in July:


“Slavery was legal, like it or not, so after the Civil War their property, their legal property, was robbed of them. Therefore, it is the blacks who are obliged to pay reparations. Not only can they be claimed to be black, but those whose market prices have been lowered after the end of the Civil War. “


Newsam cautions that the elders are dangerously far-right, intending to dismantle several of California’s COVID safety procedures, which have helped the state become the second-lowest case rate state in the country.


At La Brea’s Voter Registration Outreach Center, the governor said that “Before drinking the first tea, after he vowed to use the power of executive order to eliminate masking for all public children in California, but he does. Do the same with Vaccine Verification for Public Health Officials and Healthcare Professionals.”


Newsom also stated that California’s pandemic preparedness efforts are fueling a significant economic resurgence.


“For the past 18 months, we’ve had a better economy than Florida, Texas, red states like Indiana, and the United States as a whole, and we’ve improved our health care outcomes. Hand in hand.”

On Saturday, the Governor campaigned with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and on Sunday, he campaigned with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. Their message is that on September 14th, the race will be reduced to a turnout race.

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