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Donations for North Texas Giving Day are now being accepted.


Rowlett residents can donate to their favorite charity during North Texas Giving Day, which runs from September 1 to September 23.

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Local groups can receive cash through donations made by community members on North Texas Giving Day. Donations enable organizations to continue assisting community individuals in need while also expanding their offerings. Since its debut in 2009, North Texas Giving Day has increased from $4 million in donations to $58.8 million last year.

Life Message, Rowlett Strong, Bands of Hope, and other local organizations will take part in the event to raise funds for several causes.

Sharing Life CEO Teresa Jackson stated, “We find it to be a helpful method for the community to learn more about the work we’re doing and to give them an extremely easy way to participate in giving.”


The North Texas Giving Day website explains what each local nonprofit organization does for the community, including a breakdown of community effect, what the organization needs, and matching funds from sponsorships.

Because of the long-term economic effects of COVID-19, Jackson believes there will be a higher demand for donations to fund programs for the growing number of people in need.

“Those of us who do work in this area are well aware that it will take at least two years to recover economically once the pandemic has completely receded,” she said. “We continue to see clients who have never been to Sharing Life before – never thought they would have to come to Sharing Life for assistance.”

According to Jackson, the negative economic effects of COVID-19 disproportionately affect individuals living in or near poverty.

“Expenses increase when you miss work, and many people are unable to recuperate without outside assistance,” Jackson explained.

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