Breath-Restricting Police Hold Laws are Being Promoted in California | Nationwide

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on Thursday prohibiting police from employing specific face-down holds that have resulted in many accidental deaths. Immediately after the shooting of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, the bill extends the state’s strangler fig prohibition. With 50 votes in favor and 15 votes against, Congress gave official approval.

California pushes rules on breath-restricting police holds

NS Mike Gipson, a Democrat, took the poll. Former cops have made it illegal for policemen to use a method known as “positional asphyxia,” which poses a significant risk. To take control, place the suspect face down and press down on his back with his hands, elbows, or knees.


The term “hold” refers to putting someone in a position that compresses their airways and lowers their breathing capacity. This includes applying pressure on a detainee’s neck, torso, or back.


The law is excessively broad, according to the California Sheriffs Association, because it “ignores cases where the subject could inflict death or significant injury to police officers and others.” The group claims that prohibiting trained police from using the hold will increase the likelihood of having to employ alternatives such as batons and taser guns.


According to the National Assembly of Parliamentarians, Nevada approved a similar restriction as part of broader legislation last year. Several law enforcement agencies have already implemented restrictions on their operations. According to police instructions, lying down and detaining someone for an extended amount of time can result in injury or death.


Gypson’s law was brought to light after the death of Mario Gonzales, a 26-year-old man, in April. Before he died, he was questioned for more than five minutes by four Alameda police officers. Around the same time, a jury in Southern California awarded more than $ 2 million to a family of homeless men who died in 2018 after an Anaheim police officer used a similar approach to hold them.


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