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Activists Assist Texans in Obtaining Abortion Medicines Through the Internet


This procedure just necessitates the use of the internet. Patients go online and answer HIPAA-compliant pregnancy questions, such as the date of their last period’s first day. If it’s a simple case, it’ll be approved by a doctor — there are seven in the United States, spanning 15 states — and the drug will be delivered in a matter of days. Aid Access founder Rebeccagon Parts prescribes drugs from Europe, where she is based, in regions like Texas, where there are no doctors in the state. According to Pitney, this can take up to three weeks.

Activists focus on tip site in protesting Texas abortion law

For Texans and those in need, the opportunity to undergo a safe and inconspicuous abortion at home with just an internet connection might be life-changing. Co-founder of Plan C, Elisa Wells stated that “It really changed the face of access to abortion,” which provides information and education on how to access pills.


The need is especially pressing in Texas, where only a few face-to-face clinics have access to the state’s extensive history of cultural stigma and limitation legislation. Abortion clinics were so widely apart before the recent legislative amendments that Texas was three times more likely than the national average to use abortion medicines.


Wells said that “In a situation like Texas where mainstream access is almost completely blocked, that’s the solution,” who describes most of Texas as an “abortion desert.” Because blacks and Hispanics have poorer access to health care, the opportunity to acquire abortion medicines online is critical for these groups.


It’s also far less expensive than a medical abortion, and most pills demand an additional $ 105-$ 150 for an online consultation, depending on where you live (Aid Access, if needed). Allow some or all of the money to be accepted.


However, despite their widespread usage in other countries (approximately 90% of abortions in France and Scotland, for example), tablets are only used in around 40% of abortions in the United States. In fact, using tablets to “self-manage abortion” in the United Jurisdictions might result in criminal charges in at least 20 states, including Texas, and has been the cause of 21 arrests since 2000. The FDA is investigating a foreign doctor, and the gang disagrees, so they write a prescription. The matter has not been resolved.