A Texas Restaurant Kicked a Couple Out for Wearing Masks to Protect Their At-Risk son

A Texas woman said that she and her husband were asked to leave a Texas restaurant because they were wearing masks to protect their four-month-old kid, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.


Natalie Wester told TODAY Lunch that she and her husband, Jose Lopez-Guerrero, were out with friends a few weeks ago and were waiting for food while wearing masks as a “preventative step.” Their son was with her mother, who was babysitting him.


Because she and her husband are new parents, Wester said the event was a rare date night for them. With a couple of buddies, they went to Hang Time Bar & Grill in Rowlett, Texas. Wester and her husband were requested to remove their masks as they entered the restaurant, which Wester assumed was so the staff could check their IDs.


Wester explained, “She muttered something about removing our masks and taking them off, and I just figured it was because she was dealing with us about our IDs, and it was related to that,” adding that there was live music playing, making it difficult to hear. So we took the masks off for that, put them back on, and walked up to our table.


After ordering drinks and an appetizer, another service member approached their table, according to Wester.


Wester recalled that “Our waitress came down and sat next to me and she said, ‘You know, our manager sent me over here because I’m nicer than he is about the situation, but he feels that this is very political. He does not like the mask. You’re going to need to remove the mask if you want to be in here. My husband and I had never heard anything like this before, even in Texas.”


Wester continued that “So we explained to the waitress about our son … And she didn’t even give us an option. Well, if this is something that’s going to be an issue, then I’m just going to close your check.”


Wester and her husband didn’t want to “create a scene” or ruin her friends’ night, she added. The other couple remained at the pub, but Wester and her husband left. Wester made a post about her experience and put it on a local Facebook page as a critique of the establishment shortly after returning home. She later published the post on her own Facebook page, where it quickly became a viral hit.

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