Authorities Said an 87-year-old California Woman, a Retired Los Angeles Sheriff’s Sergeant, was Discovered Dead in a Freezer

After her family had been unable to contact her for months, a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sergeant was discovered dead in a freezer Sunday.

87-year-old ex-Los Angeles Sheriff's sergeant found dead in freezer

According to police officer Javier Cabrera, the Riverside Police Department was summoned early Sunday morning to conduct a wellness check on an 87-year-old woman at her residence in the city, which is roughly 50 miles east of Los Angeles.


Cabrera said family members called authorities after months of not hearing from the woman, who the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department named Miriam Travis, a 27-year veteran of the department.


Officers spoke with one of her daughters, age 64, who had been living in the house when they arrived. Cabrera, on the other hand, thought something wasn’t quite right.


He said that “Our officers noticed a lot of inconsistencies with what she was saying. “Something wasn’t adding up.”


During the search, officers discovered a stand-up freezer in the garage. Travis’ body was discovered inside. Cabrera claimed she doesn’t know how long her body was frozen or how she died. An autopsy is scheduled, which could reveal her cause and manner of death. He noted that the autopsy would determine what charges, if any, would be filed.


The daughter was arrested and interrogated by the Riverside Police Department before being released. Cabrera stated that she is not a suspect at this time, but that she is a person of interest in the case.


Cabrera said that “You hear about cases like this, but in my 19 years, I haven’t personally seen one like it. “Regardless of the circumstances, it’s tragic.”


Travis’ husband died in 1992, and after that, according to a relative, Kerri Nickell of Oklahoma, she abruptly changed the locks on the house and cut off contact with her extended family.


According to the newspaper, Cedric Valentin, a 63-year-old landscaper who claims to have known Travis, last saw her alive four months ago.


The woman’s identity was not released by the Riverside police department, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office confirmed her death and years of service with the force.


Travis served for the department from 1963 to 1990, serving in a range of roles including working with adolescents, assisting in an administrative research unit, and concluding her career as a homicide unit — a position she maintained for 11 years, according to the Sheriff’s office.

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