Blacksburg Company Wins $100,000 COVID-19 Recovery Grant

BLACKSBURG, Va. The state of Virginia has awarded a Blacksburg company $100,000 in COVID-19 recovery funding.

On Thursday, Virginia’s First Lady Pamela Northam paid a visit to Blacksburg to congratulate them.

The Exeleration Center, a software development consultancy, was awarded the Rebuild VA Grant.

“To see a company like this not only benefiting from the funding but giving back to the community by nurturing our young students, working closely with Virginia Tech and giving students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience , is truly unique and something that is very dear to all of us,” says Northam.

The grant program aims to help small businesses whose normal operations have been disrupted by COVID-19.

The money will allow the center to jump from 14 to 25 interns in January, creating a pipeline for Virginia Tech students to get their foot in the door, including senior Meghana Mudunuri.


“We’re going to teach you why the textbook is so important, but we’re also going to teach you how to apply it,” Mudunuri said. “And this is really a big breakthrough for most students. Many of us want internships, but [for] the younger students like you can’t do an internship without experience but you need the internship for experience. And this is where a great place to start is.”

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