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As COVID-19 vaccine recommendations evolve, here’s the latest on what you need to know

A vial containing a COVID-19 vaccine lies on a table during a clinic on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at the Great Lakes Maritime Center in Port Huron.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so does the response to COVID-19 vaccinations among residents.

During a live question-and-answer session on Facebook, Dr. St. Clair County medical health officer Annette Mercatante said the county was still receiving 200 to 300 initial doses per week — a reflection of an estimate she referenced last week that saw a slight drop from 300 to 400 doses.

Jim Kaski, a local pharmacist who is also president of the Blue Water Immunization Partnership, said in an interview Tuesday that the general vaccination trend was unusual.

“It’s going down, taking a little dip, but that’s also a very warning sign for us,” he said. “That when we see that dip, we need to step up our sense of urgency for people to get the vaccine. We don’t want to take our foot off the gas, you know, so that’s important to consider.”

But as more news reports come and the latest suitability for younger children emerges, a host of other questions may arise among residents.

Pharmacist Jim Kaski receives his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine at a St. Clair County Health Department clinic on Wednesday, January 6, 2020 at the Blue Water Convention Center.

Where can we get vaccinated?

Health officials have pointed to a variety of options for getting vets vaccinated against the virus, as well as flu as that season gets underway, including at the health department and pharmacies across the area. Most locations encourage appointments.

More than 30 locations were listed within a 40-mile radius of Port Huron, according to the tracker on