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Stimulus Check

The fourth $1,000 stimulus check is coming if you live in this state – BGR

The fourth $1,000 stimulus check is coming if you live in this state - BGR

We finally have an answer to a question everyone has been asking since the passage of the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. The one that enabled a third wave of stimulus payments for $1,400. Some six months later, and with the pandemic still stretching? It makes sense that you wonder if there will be another fourth stimulus check. Do we indeed get another payment, or was check #3 the end?

Unfortunately, the answer is a little more unsatisfactory than a definite yes or no. A fourth check will indeed be available, but it depends on where you live in the US.

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Will there be a fourth stimulus check?

For example, stimulus checks worth $1,000 are going out this week to a subset of Connecticut residents. It’s part of that state’s “Back to Work” plan.

Announced a few months ago, Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont’s “Back to Work” Plan issues a check for $1,000 to eligible applicants who confirm their re-entry into the workforce after eight weeks of long-term unemployment. The state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund supports these payments, which are expected to go to approximately 10,000 recipients.

Lamont announced the first round of these $1,000 incentive checks earlier this week. They go out to more than 1,500 eligible applicants, among the first group of employees to join this program. According to his office, about $10 million has been allocated. “Many workers who were displaced during the early months of the pandemic and faced long-term unemployment are now returning to work and starting reconstruction,” Governor Lamont said. “This one-time bonus payment will help some of those employees pay for the critical things they need to get back to work, including childcare.”

States don’t have to wait for the federal government

Meanwhile, whether or not there will be a fourth stimulus check often presupposes that the source would be from the federal level. But nothing can stop individual states of taking such steps. Connecticut is an example of this.

Other states, including California, send these payments as well. Which in turn amounts to a fourth stimulus check for many residents.

California’s Golden State Stimulus Program, for example, will provide 5.7 million extra incentive checks for residents there. One-time payments of $600 will go to households that have been awarded the California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for 2020. Also, taxpayers with Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs) who did not receive $1,200 incentive checks last spring or $600 federal payments this year will also receive $600 payments from the state.

In addition, all ITIN taxpayers who are also eligible for the California EITC will receive a total of $1,200.