Maine will see COVID-19 cases drop after the holidays, but that doesn’t mean transmission won’t work anymore

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine’s COVID-19 cases are likely to plummet in the coming days due to an expected decline in testing over the holidays, but there’s little reason to expect a real decline in infections as more people travel and congregate.

The infection level has reached new highs in recent weeks, with a seven-day average of new daily cases of nearly 700. A record 314 patients with the virus were hospitalized on Wednesday. Hospitals in western Maine – the least vaccinated part of the state – capacity reached.

The increase comes before the Thanksgiving holiday, which is likely to lead to a temporary drop in the number of reported cases. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention does not report case numbers for weekends or holidays. Most testing sites are also closed for holidays, leading to fewer cases for the state to report in the days after, and people who are regularly tested for COVID-19 at school or work may not be tested while on vacation or visit family.

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