Putin says he took an experimental nasal COVID-19 vaccine

  • Vladimir Putin said he was taking part in a trial for a nasal COVID-19 vaccine.
  • He also received a booster shot of Russia’s own Sputnik vaccine on Sunday.
  • Putin said his immunity had been declining since he received his first vaccinations.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had taken an experimental nasal COVID-19 vaccine.

Putin said on Wednesday that he had taken part in tests for the nasal form of the vaccine, Russian news agency TASS reported:.

He also received a booster shot of Russia’s homegrown COVID-19 vaccine, called Sputnik Light, on Sunday.

In a statement from Wednesday, Putin described being asked to inhale and then given the powdered vaccine with a syringe.

Putin said he had experienced waning immunity due to the time that had passed since his previous vaccines, TASS reported.

A Putin spokesperson told reporters Monday that Putin would participate in the nasal vaccine trial once doctors approved him. TASS reported.

Putin was vaccinated earlier this year with Russia’s own coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V.

Daily COVID-19 deaths in Russia reached a new high in Nov. Just under 42% of the country’s population is vaccinated, Reuters reported:.

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