Third stimulus check: summary and news on Tuesday, February 2, 2021


– President Biden meeting with Republican lawmakers on Monday to discuss stimulus bill proposals

– Group of 10 GOP senators had proposed New $600 Billion Covid Aid Bill with $1,000 stimulus checks (all details)

– Biden holds out for $1,400 stimulus checks in its $1.9 trillion US bailout

Group of 50 House Democrats Call on Biden to Consider $2,000 recurring stimulus checks

– President can agree to: change eligibility requirements for stimulus checks

– Adult dependents may be entitled to: $2,000 Incentive Checks ($1,400 + $600) as retroactive payment

– Proposal could increase the maximum entitlement to child tax relief to $3,600 per dependent in incentive plan (all details)

– Democrats willing to use’reconciliation‘ to pass stimulus bill in Congress

– Group of prominent women calls for: $2,400 stimulus checks for mothers

USA covid-19 cases/deaths: >26.4 million / 446.885 (live updates)

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