Family Hopes Garner’s Death Spreads COVID-19 Awareness ::

— The brother of a Garner man who died of severe COVID-19 infection uses his obituary to share an important message.

Stephen A. Lawrence died in Tennessee on October 24 at age 59. He lived in Garner for most of his life, but had recently moved to Nashville, where he helped people find work, something relatives said he called his “dream job.” “

In his obituary, Lawrence’s brother wrote that he died of a severe COVID-19 infection “after refusing to believe Covid was real and refusing to receive a vaccine” and then “then refusing to go to the hospital when he couldn’t breathe.”

According to the obituary, Lawrence leaves behind his 92-year-old mother, his brother, a son and many others who loved him.

“Please let his death mean something,” his brother wrote. “Please go get a vaccine in his honor.”

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