Indiana business groups oppose legislation restricting COVID-19 vaccine policy | healthcare

Still others falsely claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic is not real, despite more than 17,000 Hoosiers being killed in the past 20 months, falsely claiming that the pandemic is a government conspiracy and presented other fantastic allegations related to COVID-19, ranging from Nazi medical experiments to altered DNA.

Even if it were enshrined in law, the opt-outs from the Indiana vaccine mandate and the test alternative would likely be replaced if the federal government’s vaccine mandates for employees at federal contractors, most health care providers, and companies with more than 100 employees vary. pending legal challenges, including three lawsuits filed by Indiana.

This episode of the “Riding Shotgun with NWI Cops” series takes viewers behind the armored vehicles and shields to see what it’s like to be part of the Lake County Sheriff’s SWAT team.

Aside from the vaccine issue, Democrats on the House and Senate ruling committees objected to Lehman’s plan on procedural grounds, as the General Assembly never met between Organization Day (Nov. 16) and the start of regular 10-week session, for January 4, to legislate as quickly as possible.

“Honestly, the timing stinks. The COVID numbers are on the rise in Indiana, including among children,” said D-Anderson Senator Tim Lanane. “I’m honestly concerned about why we’re straying from the usual process we’re entering.”

State Senator Eddie Melton, D-Gary, also took issue with the GOP’s plan to seemingly undermine the state’s and private sector’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts as COVID-19 infections increase in Indiana.

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