Letter: Guaranteeing Social Security | Letters to the editors

Have you read that Social Security/Medicare has run out of money? By 2032, we may only receive 73% of what we should receive in 2031. And there is no real money in the Social Security Trust Fund. It’s just a ledger entry of our debts, way beyond the bankrupt federal government.

State and local governments must balance their budgets. The FBI doesn’t, and that upsets the balance of power enshrined in the US Constitution. The federal government spends more money than income every year, which makes it possible for them to participate in federal and local government policies. It’s the power of the wallet over people’s rights, and politicians often seem to listen to federal money more than their voters. This gives the federal government unequal power over the states and allows it to grow bigger and more intrusive.

I propose putting all federal pension assets/future payments – congress, executive and judiciary – into the Social Security system. To be fair, federal Employee Social Security benefits would have to be greater than what others would normally receive in order to take out some of the lost pension. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) can do that with their formulas for bankrupt company pensions. Employees sometimes get only 25% of what is promised, and the federal government should too. This plan aligns the interests of the federal government with those of the people and guarantees that social security will continue to exist. (standupforliberty.com)

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