Need a COVID-19 test on Thanksgiving? This is your best option ::

A local doctor strongly encourages home COVID-19 testing before you gather for Thanksgiving, even if you’ve been vaccinated.

dr. David Wohl, an infectious disease specialist at UNC Health, said if you are traveling with family or friends from outside your household, consideration should be given to whether you are traveling or staying at home.

Wake County Test Sites and many others in the state are closed on Thursday, but quick home tests found at CVS and Walgreens can be performed on Thanksgiving Day, with results in 15 minutes. WRAL News found tests in both stores for $23.99.

While doctors say these rapid tests aren’t as accurate as the PCR tests, they will test for a high viral load, which is common in Delta cases.

“If everyone has been vaccinated, if everyone has been given a boost, I would still test them,” Wohl said. “I would use a rapid test the day of dinner. I would test them the day of the meal. That’s what we do at my house, and I think that’s the smart way to do it.”

Wohl recommends packing the tests and taking them to dinner.

Many test locations will be closed during the holidays. Even if they are open, it can take more than 24 hours for the results to be returned. Wake County Public Health test locations are closed on Thursday and Friday and reopen on Saturday.

You can find other tests in the state here.

Despite the recent ups and downs, North Carolina has made significant progress in containing the spread of COVID-19 since last Thanksgiving.

The average new cases are now 45% lower than last year, and we are also seeing 32% fewer deaths per day. There are also 38% fewer people in hospital.

National Health Care Providers Get $7.5 Billion in Emergency Funds

Currently, 57% of people 5 years and older are fully vaccinated in North Carolina. More than 100,000 children between the ages of 5 and 11 have received at least their first dose.

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