16 New Businesses on the Big Island

(BIVN) – There were 77 newly reported cases of COVID-19 in the state of Hawaii on Thursday, down from the 115 cases reported on Wednesday. 16 new cases were identified on the island of Hawaii, up from the 14 reported the day before. There were six (6) deaths from COVID-19 reported statewide.

Health officials are currently monitoring 260 active cases on the island of Hawaii. The Hawai’i County test positivity rate for the past 14 days is 2.6%. There is a 14-day average of 17 new cases per day on the Big Island.

On the health department’s zip code area map of reported COVID-19 cases with onset dates within the past 14 days, there are seven (7) zip code areas in the Big Island with more than 10 cases. Only (1) of those zip code areas show more than 50 cases (Hilo). In zip code areas not listed below, less than 10 cases were registered in 14 days.

  • 96720 (Hilo) – 61 cases
  • 96740 (Kona) – 45 cases
  • 96743 (Kohala) – 11 cases
  • 96704 (South Kona) – 12 cases
  • 96749 (Puna) – 35 cases
  • 96771 (Puna mauka) – 13 cases
  • 96778 (Puna makai) – 38 cases

“Thank you for helping to reduce the number of coronaviruses in Hawaii. Please be aware that the threat continues as we have new cases daily,” the Hawai’i County Civil Defense said in a Thanksgiving Day radio message. “As we gather for the holidays, we must continue our efforts to keep Hawaii safe. It remains important that we adhere to the preventive policy of face covering, distancing and staying home when you are sick.”

To date, the state of Hawaii says 2,333,865 cumulative doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered. Health officials say 72.5% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated. 85.3% of the population has started vaccination. On the island of Hawaii, 68% is vaccinated.

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