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BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — A 6-year-old Brownsburg is recovering after several days in the hospital with COVID-19.

Her mother, Emily Roark, shares her story as a warning to other families.

Roark said people hear all the time that children are not seriously affected by COVID-19, but over the past three weeks, her family has experienced an exception.

Her 6-year-old daughter, Amelia Roark, has no underlying health problems and had never been hospitalized until last week when Roark and her husband thought they had no other choice.

Amelia’s visit came after a positive COVID-19 test, pneumonia, antibiotics and an eight-day fever that wouldn’t break.

Roark recalled about her daughter, “Fortunately, my aunt and cousin are nurses. They work with COVID patients. So I called her crying and said, ‘You know I don’t know what to do; there’s not a lot of information about what to do with kids,” and she said, “I think you should just include her. She needs IV fluids. She probably needs IV antibiotics.’”

After Amelia’s first night in the hospital, her fever broke. Since then, however, her road to recovery has been rigorous.

“Actually, she was in bed for almost two weeks; couldn’t even walk from the bed to the bathroom. I had to give her a pull-up, and she’s 6 years old. She’s been potty trained for years,” Roark said.

The mother said she is grateful for the vaccine and other advances over the past year, but said if people don’t use them, nothing will change.

“She said, ‘But mom, I was wearing a mask all the time’, and I’m crying because I just feel like we should, the adults need to start protecting the kids more because it’s very disturbing when they wear a mask and going to school and doing all these things, and there are still adults who deny this is even happening,” Roark said.

Amelia hasn’t been to school in three weeks. She is slowly regaining her strength and hopes to be back in class on Monday.

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