US-China ‘Ping Pong Diplomacy’ Sets Example for Interstate Relations_英语频道_央视网( 11/26/21 09:56 Updated BJT

The “ping-pong diplomacy” between the US and China is an example of how countries can put their differences aside to seek common ground for cooperation, the grandson of former US President Richard Nixon said at an event to mark the 50th anniversary of the United States’ 50th anniversary. anniversary of the diplomatic concept. Ping Pong Diplomacy refers to the exchange of American and Chinese table tennis players in the early 1970s that paved the way for Nixon’s 1972 visit to Beijing and the normalization of bilateral relations. Christopher Nixon Cox said diplomacy demonstrates the ability of people around the world to make mutual efforts to develop their relationships. He believes that the United States and China can address their differences through improved communication and that friendship and cooperation between the two countries would benefit the whole world.

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