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Evers, DHS provides update on COVID-19 peak

97% of Wisconsin ICU beds full as COVID-19 continues to rise

MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) — Gov. Tony Evers will join state health officials Thursday afternoon to give Wisconsin residents an update on the state’s fight against COVID-19 and the extraordinary increase in new cases since the fall.

Wisconsin’s already soaring number of new confirmed coronavirus cases has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels since governor last seated for a Dept. Health Services Briefing, just over a month ago. At the time of that session, December 8, the seven-day moving average for the state was 3,069 cases per day, a rise to a level not seen since the then-peak period more than a year earlier.

It is now three times as high, just over a month later.

In fact, the current seven-day moving average, which stands at 9,675 cases per day for the past week, is currently higher than any day ever recorded in Wisconsin before last week.

DHS report of new confirmed COVID-19 cases, January 12, 2022.(Healthcare Department)

Also attending the media briefing will be DHS Secretary-designated Karen Timberlake, Chief Medical Officer of the agency’s Office of Communicable Diseases, Dr. Ryan Westergaard, and the Governor’s Chief Legal Office, Ryan Nilsestuen, are speaking.

NBC15 News will provide a livestream of the media briefing on our website and our Facebook page.

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