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China calls US report on South China Sea ‘misleading’ and ‘confuse good with evil’


China reacted sharply on Thursday to the study that the United States about the international border dispute in the South Chinese Ocean and called the study “misleading.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a news conference on Thursday that the US report on international law “should mislead the public, confuse good with evil and disrupt the regional situation.”

“The study on the part of the US misrepresenting international law aims to mislead the public, to confuse right with wrong and to distort the regional situation. As a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the United States, sea ​​(UNCLOS), China attaches great importance to the Convention and adheres to the Convention seriously and responsibly,” said the Chinese FM.

“The US refuses to join the Convention, but pretends to be a judge. They willfully misrepresent the Convention and use double standards for selfish gain. Such political manipulation is irresponsible and undermines the international rule of law,” said the spokesperson for the Convention. foreign minister in a statement. rack.

China says “no study can hinder its borders”

He criticized the Biden administration and the recent study, reiterating that China has full rights in the South China Sea and that no “studies can hinder its borders.” “Our sovereignty and relevant rights and interests in the South China Sea are established in the long course of history and are consistent with the UN Charter, UNCLOS and other international law,” Wang Wenbin said.
It’s important to note that the US State Department’s study of China’s South China Sea raised serious questions about several other strategically important sites long claimed by Beijing.

“The Department’s Limits in the Seas studies are a lengthy legal and technical series that examines national maritime claims and boundaries and assesses their consistency with international law,” said the US State Department Press Release.

Notably, this wasn’t the first time a US-released study raised serious questions about their claims in the South China Sea. Earlier, a study called “150th in the Limits in the Seas Series” concluded that China’s illegal maritime claims in most of the South China Sea, including a claim of “illegal historic rights”, are “unwarranted”.

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