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Here’s How To Get Free Covid-19 Home Tests

Here's How To Get Free Covid-19 Home Tests

The program is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to increase access to testing in the US. It will also distribute free home testing, with more information about how to order them? come next week.

Most Americans with private insurance can purchase home tests online or in stores and have them paid for at the time of purchase or reimbursed by filing a claim with their insurer. So make sure you keep your receipts safe.

The tests are not subject to copays or deductibles.

Insurers can set up a network of preferred stores, pharmacies and online retailers where consumers can receive free pre-tests. People could still buy tests outside of that network, but insurers would only have to pay up to $12 for each test.

Consumers should check with their insurer to determine if they offer direct coverage or if claims need to be made.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription or prescription?

No, you don’t need to see a doctor to get the free tests.

How many tests can I get?

Insurers must pay up to eight tests per person covered per month. So, for example, a family of four could get 32 ‚Äč‚Äčtests per month.

What about all the tests I bought for Saturday? Can I get them reimbursed?

Sorry, but only tests purchased after January 15th are eligible.

Where can I find a home test?

Find home tests is be challenging in many parts of the country, even if retailers limit the number that can be purchased by one customer.

It’s one of the reasons the Biden administration plans to hand out free home tests soon. President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he will double the available number to 1 billion.

Several states have also ordered home tests to be distributed free of charge to residents, but supplies are limited.

How do I get one of those free federal tests?

The administration is setting up a website and hotline where people can request that the free tests be emailed to them. More information should be available next week, Biden said.

What if I take Medicare?

Medicare covers Covid-19 tests at no cost that are performed in a lab at the request of a medical professional.

Those enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans should check with their insurers to see if the cost of the home testing will be covered.

What if I take Medicaid?

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, already cover home testing with no cost sharing.

But enrollees should contact their government agencies for specific coverage details.

What if I am uninsured?

The uninsured can get free home tests from certain community health centers. They can also request testing through the federal program as it becomes available.

Also, the Department of Health and Human Services provides up to 50 million free home tests to community health centers and Medicare-certified health clinics for distribution to patients and the community.

HHS has also set up more than 10,000 free community-based pharmacy testing sites across the country.

Additional information about testing for the uninsured is available at