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VetsRoll cancels trip to 2022 over COVID-19 concerns

VetsRoll cancels trip to 2022 over COVID-19 concerns

MADISON, Erase. (WMTV) – VetsRoll’s board of directors voted unanimously to cancel its upcoming trip after deciding that the risks of travel during the pandemic were too great for the guests who would travel.

The council explained Thursday that it had made the decision to cancel its May 22-25 trip to Dayton, Ohio and Washington, DC after consulting with the medical team.

Each year, the money raised helps more than 200 veterans and “Rosies” to Washington, DC to see the service and war memorials built in their honor. The VetsRoll trip usually takes place every May, the week before Memorial Day weekend.

“Basically, we have weighed the risks and we will not subject our seniors and volunteers to the current level of risk from COVID-19,” the organization said.

VetsRoll noted that there are currently too many unknowns and medical staff may not be able to get time off, quarantines are still possible and hospital rooms may not be available in May.

Reaching out to hospitality businesses, the National Parks Service, and first responders are all tasks VetsRoll must now undertake as it moves forward.

“While this news is deeply disappointing, please understand that the Board of Directors was incredibly discouraged to have to make this decision,” the agency said. “VetsRoll has built our reputation for performing with an unparalleled level of competence, care and planning. We are immensely proud of those measures and of the opportunities we provide to our honored guests with a safe, comfortable and memorable experience.”

The organization hopes that veterans and volunteers will still be able to travel with them from May 21-24, 2023 next year.

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