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AG Rokita stands behind questioning COVID-19 figures

AG Rokita stands behind questioning COVID-19 figures

ALLEN COUNTY, Indiana (WANE) — On Friday, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R) stood by his comments about not really relying on the reported COVID-19 numbers.

In an interview with the CBS affiliate in South Bend a few weeks ago, he said, “I don’t believe numbers anymore.” During a tour of the Allen County Sheriff Department’s new K-9 facility, he explained more about why he’s skeptical.

Rokita told Briana Brownlee from WANE 15 that it is now clearer than ever that there are all kinds of questions and discrepancies regarding the COVID-19 data. When asked if he had any doubts about the state figures, he replied that it is an international matter.

Rokita said he trusts the Indiana State Department of Health to collect numbers from health care providers, but he questions the standardized criteria for how numbers are reported.

“Even the CDC itself has said it needs to revise its numbers. That’s what I just said: there’s an international data management problem here. If you’re trying to advocate for vaccinating people, it’s our duty to be transparent about how we got these numbers,” Rokita said. “What are the standard criteria that healthcare providers use when creating the data? What are the criteria that are standardized in all states and countries about how this data is reported?”

When asked if he plans to open an investigation, he said no because he does not believe fraud is taking place.

He also cited the split Supreme Court ruling that blocked the Biden government’s federal mandate to require employees at major companies to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly tests.

“Yesterday we had a good day in the Supreme Court. I was really proud that Indiana stood alongside like-minded attorney generals, but also that our state stood together and put the federal government back in its place when it comes to those OSHA mandates,” Rokita said.

On Thursday, the court’s conservative majority concluded that the government overstepped its authority in the OSHA mandate, but maintained the vaccine mandate for most health professionals.

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